Sustainable sourcing

Choosing local, reliable, and sustainable.

Sourcing responsibly means keeping our environmental impact and costs as low as possible.

When you choose wood heating, you choose a more environmentally friendly way of heating. We help you achieve this by finding the most sustainable wood fuel to keep you warm and carbon neutral.

Almost 100% of our products are sourced right here, in the UK. Mostly from the South East.

Our wood fuels are sourced from woodland management, sawmill residues, and tree surgery. Instead of going to waste, together we put them to work to heat your properties.

You don’t have to take our word for it. Read on to find out more about our quality standards and accreditations.

Wood chip

Our wood chip is 100% UK sourced, mostly from the South East. It has three main origins.

Forest residues

Applies to round wood stems, which come from the management of local woodlands, mostly less than 30 miles from one of our hubs. Management involves thinning and felling of trees under a Forestry Commission felling licence as part of a wood land management plan to improve the woodland tree stock and biodiversity.

Our trees are typically single species found locally – larch, sweet chestnut, spruce, douglas fir.

Sawmill residues

Higher value wood sold to sawmills leaves around 50% residues of various types. Some of this will be chipped and end up as quality wood chip fuel.

Arboricultural residues

These come from tree surgery and land management sectors, and offer a lower cost fuel more suitable for larger commercial boilers.

Instead of leaving this wood to decompose, we take this by-product from tree surgeons from all over the South East and process it to provide differing grades of fuel including a good quality alternative to the more expensive forestry products.

Waste Woods

We do not offer waste wood as current legislation remains unclear and following our duty of care to clients we would not want to put them in a position which could lead to them breaking the law. In broard terms, use of waste wood requires a Industrial Emissions Directive (IED) licence to burn and very few RHI supported boilers have these.

Wood pellets

Our wood pellets are mainly manufactured in the UK.

99% of our wood pellet is manufactured in the UK. A small percentage is sourced from certified sustainable sources in Europe to ensure a reliable supply.

Our pellets are all ENplus certified. ENplus is the European standard of certification. Adhering to their strict standards means that your wood pellet is traced, from the early stages of production all the way to the end of the delivery process.

All our wood fuels meet the sustainability standards now mandatory under the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) and we fill in the regular quarterly reports needed for clients to guarantee this.

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Want to know more about our delivery network?

Having multiple fuel depots across the South East is what makes our service so reliable. It means we always have a back-up to gurantee supply.  Furthermore, having a depot around the corner from you minimises the carbon emissions from transport as our wood fuel is often travelling less than 30 miles.

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