Delivery network

Where is your nearest South East Fuels depot?

Wherever you are in the South East, chances are one of our wood fuel depots is right around the corner.

From your local depot, we can reach you quickly, reliably, and with minimal extra miles added to your sustainably sourced wood fuel.

We ensure that you never run out and that your fuel is delivered just-in-time.

We use nine fuel depots across the South East and more are in planning. This minimises the carbon emissions from transport in delivering the fuel to you, as fuel is often travelling less than 30 miles.

We have the flexibility to use fuel from a different depot in the event of any supply issues, such as poor weather or delivery breakdowns.

Whatever the circumstances, we make sure you have the wood fuel you need.

Our delivery vehicles

Wood chip deliveries

Bulk wood chip

Our wood chip is supplied in a vehicle best suited to your access, and store size. To achieve this we have a variety of vehicles of differing sizes and types. 

Typically for smaller deliveries we carry 30m3  or 40m(6-9 tonnes) and 90m3 to 110m3 (17-26 tonnes) for larger deliveries. 

We have rigid and articulated, tippers, walking floors and grab vehicles.

Wood pellet deliveries

Bulk blown pellet

For bulk blown pellets, our vehicles are typically 8 wheelers carrying 18 or 14 tonne deliveries.

Palleted pellets

For pallets of pellet, we supply by a national pallet carrier. These are typically 18 or 12 tonne vehicles, 1.8m wide, 3.4m tall and either 13.5 or 7.5m. Each pallet contains 65 bags at 15kg each (975 kg).

All bags are clear for easy recycling.

A typical fuel depot

Crowborough Warren

Crowborough Warren in East Sussex is one of South East Wood Fuels wood fuel depots’. 

Based on a working farm estate with extensive woodlands, the depot can store several thousand tonnes of logs air drying for future use, as well more than 1200 tonnes of dry chip.

The depot has an on-site large-scale chipper chosen to produce quality fuel at a G30-G50 standard.  This site is purpose built with a barn for weather protection and concrete floors to maintain the quality of the chip post-production. 

Other wood fuel hubs have drying facilities which can provide 10-20% moisture content wood chip, which offers a cost-effective, high energy fuel, as well as chip screening and metal removal facilities for processing arboricultural residues.

Put our delivery network to the test

Getting a quote from South East Wood Fuels only takes a minute. We’ll be happy to exceed your expectations! Just fill out our quote form and we’ll get back to you very shortly.

Want to know where our wood fuel comes from?

We pride ourselves on our responsible sourcing policies. This means keeping our environmental impact as low as possible. Sourcing locally has the added benefit of keep costs low too.

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