Where the wood comes from

100% UK sourced wood chip.

Wood chip

Our wood chip is currently 100% sourced from the UK, most of this from the South East region itself.

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Sources include:.

  • Forest residues. These come from the management of woodland, including thinning and felling as part of a management plan.
  • Sawmill residues. Higher value wood that goes through sawmills leaves around 50% residues of various types. Some of this will be chipped and end up as quality wood chip fuel.
  • Arb residues. These arboricultural residues come from tree surgery and land management sectors, and offer a lower cost fuel more suitable for larger commercial boilers.

We currently do not offer waste wood which requires a Waste Industry Directive (WID) licence.

Wood chip fuel is delivered in a wide range of vehicles suitable for your project, including small tipper trailers, grab lorries for trickier access fuel silos, and large capacity walking floor trailers. We usually send in one of our specialists to assess your site before deciding on the best delivery solution.

Wood pellets

We offer wood pellets, manufactured mainly in the UK as well as some imported pellets via Europe.

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Our pellets are all offered to a high standard – usually ENPlus. They are delivered via our partners, either via pneumatic blowing lorries, or for smaller silo sites on a pallet with 10-15kg bags.

All our wood fuels meet the sustainability standards now mandatory under the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) and we fill in the regular reports needed for clients to guarantee this.

Easy deliveries across the South East

We currently use 9 fuel hub depots across the South East regionMore are in the planning phase.

This minimises the carbon emissions from transport in delivering the fuel to you, as fuel is often travelling less than 30 miles for most clients.

It means we have the flexibility to use fuel from a range of hubs in the event of any supply issues such as poor weather or delivery breakdowns.

We want to make sure you have the wood fuel you need, whatever the circumstances.

Crowborough Warren

Crowborough Warren in East Sussex is a typical Wood Fuel Hub utilised by South East Wood Fuels.
Based on a working farm estate with extensive woodlands, the Hub can store several thousand tonnes of logs drying for future use, as well more than 1200 tonnes of dry chip for use by a variety of delivery vehicles.

The Hub has an on-site large-scale chipper chosen to produce quality fuel at a G30-G50 standard.

Other wood fuel hubs include several that provide wood chip dried to 20% that can offer a high calorific fuel which is cost-effective as well as Arb Residues.

They are located in Kent, West Sussex, Hampshire, Surrey and Berkshire.

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