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Julian Morgan-Jones

Managing Director

Julian is responsible for setting the strategic direction of the business and coordinates sales activities. He has a background in IT and used to commute to the City. He sat on the inaugural Board of South East Wood Fuels from 2004 and helped steer the ‘start-up’ to a significant wood fuel ‘player’.

Since 2007, as Managing Director, he has built South East Wood Fuels into a major wood fuel supplier and wood heating consultancy company, expanding the portfolio of fuel clients into a wide range of new sectors.

He was the inaugural Chairman (now vice-chair) of the Wood Heat Association is also chairman of the Biomass Sustainability List (BSL) Advisory Panel. In these roles he has the opportunity to influence policy makers and gain market insight to help our customers.

Julian has a reputation as being an honest ‘straight shooter’, with an eye for detail, and stresses the need for everyone in the company to “go the extra mile for each client”. For relaxation and fun he runs, rides horses, sings in a choir and dances the tango.

Contact Julian

01323 340041

Shawfield, Laughton Lodge, Laughton, East Sussex, BN8 6BY

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