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Biomass heating has been a positive option for many greenhouses across the South East. Our client opted for a 950kW system to provide seasonal heat for his bedding plant and herb business.

It took some time to find the right fuel for this system and several options were tried, varying in moisture content and quality. It was also realised that some of the controls were incorrectly set up leading to low boiler efficiencies at times.

South East Wood Fuels supplied an experienced engineer to troubleshoot the system and several fixable issues were discovered. A discernible improvement in performance with less breakdowns has resulted.

To be honest we were driven by price to opt for South East Wood Fuels as a fuel supplier but we have gradually realised that there is more to running good systems than cheap wood chip. We have appreciated the patient way they have worked with us to get the right fuel for the boiler as well as the wider support on technical advice which has been really helpful.



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