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Who are we already keeping warm?

We spend a great deal of time listening to our clients. It is the key to understanding issues, concerns, and identifying potential solutions. We don’t shelter behind telephone call centres or automatic telephone systems that inhibit you from speaking to a real person.

In a recent survey of customer attitudes to us, we got some feedback over what clients want and appreciate from the services we offer. They include:

  • Reputation
  • Product availability
  • Competitive price

What our customers say about us

“South East Wood Fuels have supported us well throughout the time we have had the biomass boiler, including a tricky period when we had multiple break downs and issues. We have appreciated the honest way it has dealt with issues and helping us overcome boiler system problems.”

Steve, School Manager

“I like the way South East Wood Fuels have been prepared to get stuck into a range of problems with this boiler system, and get us RHI accreditation and a good new income stream. They’ve been flexible in dealing with us in a complicated PFI set up, and build confidence so we can now run the boiler system for longer and with far less down time.”

Stuart, NHS Manager

“To be honest we were driven by price to opt for South East Wood Fuels as a fuel supplier but we have gradually realised that there is more to running good systems than cheap wood chip. We have appreciated the patient way they have worked with us to get the right fuel for the boiler as well as the wider support on technical advice which has been really helpful.”

Oli, Client

“We’re really happy that we’re using renewable energy. Everyone cares about that. And it’s important that it’s locally sourced. Who wants to buy gas from Russia?”

Hugh, Flower Grower

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