Bulk Blown Wood pellets

Renewable fuel to keep you warm.

Wood pellets are a popular option for both domestic and commercial heating. Their storage-saving and slow-burning qualities are great for those wishing to keep their homes warm in an environmanetally-friendly way.

We stock bulk blown wood pellets to match your boiler manufacturer’s specifications.

Wood pellets are a biomass fuel made from compressed sawdust. While wood pellet boilers are a fantastic way to keep your home warm, choosing the right product for your heating system is crucial to optimising wood fuel consumption and avoiding maintenance issues.

This is where we come in. By reliably supplying the right wood pellets for your boiler, we help keep you warm all winter.

As with all our wood fuel products, the wood pellets we supply are carefully selected to optimise boiler performance and value.

Why choose our wood pellets?

  • Our wood pellets are ENPLUS accredited for quality and BSL listed for legality and sustainability for RHI claims.
  • The vast majority of our pellets are manufactured and sourced in the UK for UK use.
  • We aim to use the same driver to make sure your needs are met for each delivery.
  • As a smaller supplier, we can be more responsive to issues and problems.

Please Note.

We only supply bulk blown wood pellets – not bagged or on pallets.

We are BSL (Biomass Suppliers List) registered. This guarantees that our wood pellets are legal, sustainable and from locally managed woodlands.

This is especially important if you are eligible for RHI (Renewable Heat Incentive) payments, either domestic or non-domestic. Incentive claims can only be made on purchases from wood fuel suppliers that are BSL-registered.

You can view our BSL listing on the governments BSL website.

 We work exclusively with distributors where the wood pellet is quality checked at every stage of production and before it leaves our depots to ensure low dust, efficient fuel usage, increased boiler life, and the lowest possible boiler problems.

You don’t have to take our word for it. Our quality processes are regularly reviewed and independently assessed by ENplus. EnPlus is the world-leading independent certification scheme for wood pellets. From production to delivery, it guarantees quality and combats fraud along the entire supply chain.

Getting a wood pellet quote is quick and easy

Whether you’re an existing customer or looking for a new wood pellet supplier, getting a quote from South East Wood Fuels only takes a minute. Just fill out our quote form and we’ll get back to you quickly.

We make sure we supply the right pellet for your boiler, as specified by your manufacturer and detailed in the boiler’s emissions certificate.

We supply ISO 17225-2 (was EN 14961-2) standard pellet which is ENplus A1.

If you have a pellet system (above 200kW) we can help you get the most from your fuel spend by optimising your boiler.

Wood pellets can be supplied in a vehicle best suited to your access, store size and design. Furthermore, our network of regional wood fuel depots ensures that you never run out and that your fuel is delivered just-in-time.

Frequently asked questions

What is wood pellet fuel?

Wood pellet fuel is pelletised sawdust made from wood sourced from sustainable woodlands. Most heating pellet is made from softwoods.

The wood is chipped and ground to produce the sawdust and which is then dried and compressed through pellet dies at high pressure to produce a high energy wood fuel.

No glues or additives are used in the process. Lignin, naturally found in the wood, “glues” the wood dust particles together under high temperature producesd  during the compression proces.   

How can I ensure my wood pellets are from a sustainable source?

The only way of ensuring your wood fuel is sustainably sourced is by checking your supplier’s certification. At South East Wood Fuels all our fuel is accredited for legality and sustainability by the government and is registered on the Biomass Suppliers List.

Where do South East Wood Fuel's wood pellets come from?

Most if not all of our wood pellets are made in the UK. The bulk of it comes from pellet mills in Invergordon, Scotland and is shipped to ports around the country for local distribution.

On occasion when there is high demand for wood pellet, we use pellet imported from europe to guarantee supply.  

Is biomass / wood fuel environmentally friendly?

Wood fuel energy is carbon neutral because trees absorb as much carbon when they are growing as they release when they are burnt, creating a closed carbon cycle. The following video explains this well.

How do I make my RHI claim on wood pellets you supply?

All RHI claims require a BSL number associated with the wood fuel suplied. Our BSL numbers are always supplied on our invoices for reference.

What must I do to place an order with South East Wood Fuels?

It’s easy, just contact us by phone, chat or using the quote form. We will sort the rest.

Orders, terms, and supply agreements

We provide security of supply and stable pricing helping to keep our clients warm and control costs.

We can normally supply on terms which make most sense to you.

We aim at all times to maximise the heating value from your fuel spend, with competitive pricing and high quality fuel to increase RHI income and minimise boiler operational and maintenance costs.

For wood pellet, we normally supply by the tonne.

It is sometimes the case that what’s best for us is also best for you.  We prefer to supply under fuel supply agreements as this really helps us to help you. This is especially the case at times of fuel shortages and increased prices. Wood fuel supply agreements enable us to plan ahead for your supply;

  • to guarantee to supply all year round
  • to fix prices for longer terms
  • to maintain the quality of the fuel
  • to make sure you know what you can expect from us and to take full responsibility for our fuel if on the very rare occasions we get it wrong

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