Getting more from your wood heating investment.

Biomass heating can be a great option for low-carbon heating, reducing costs and using locally grown wood. We know however from experience that designing the right heating system for you, running it well, and achieving optimum performance is not always the ‘plug and play’ that some salespeople suggest.

With deep expertise from 20 plus years in the renewable energy sector, we offer unbiased design and feasibility consultancy support, technical ability to ‘fix’ under-performing boiler systems, and organising wood fuel supply systems.

We also offer technical and strategic support for a wide range of other renewable options including heat pumps, solar and district heating networks.

Vert Energy Associates

Introducing South East Wood Fuel’s consulting arm.

Vert Energy Associates offer detailed analysis and technical support on a wide range of green energy technologies, including biomass.

The Vert Energy Associates team have been involved in more than 300 studies over the past 10 years, ranging from 1-day pre-feasibility studies to 6-month detailed financial and technical studies for major clients. They also carry out technical reviews, wood fuel surveys, trouble-shooting on poorly performing green energy systems, and client surveys.

As well as biomass, they have deep expertise in combined heat and power (CHP), solar PV, heat pumps, energy storage, and district heating.

The team brings technical, financial and commercial experience to the table. As they do not sell technology and have no commercial tie-ups with green technology companies, they can be fully objective in their consultancy services.

We have built our reputation on caring for clients, being honest, offering a fair deal on prices and quality, and sticking with clients when problems arise.

We help you keep biomass heating costs down

South East Wood Fuels was selected as the only UK partner of the European Optiwood project – a program that aims to improve biomass boiler system efficiency. 

We use innovative data logging techniques to assess existing boiler performance, and a range of technical and Operator interventions to improve performance.

Whether you have a small domestic boiler or a large multi-megawatt industrial system, we can use our highly specialised techniques and decades of experience to boost your heating efficiency and reduce costs.

Doing Green Energy Right

We don’t sell renewable energy equipment so can offer an unbiased consultancy service for a wide range of renewable energy heating and power options. This includes:

  • Feasibility and design studies for biomass and other renewable technologies, including heat network studies (HNDU)
  • Fixing under-performing low-carbon boiler systems through innovative data assessment and practical advice
  • Cost-effective boiler servicing support packages
  • Project management support
  • Designing ‘self-supply’, wood fuel hub and other sustainable fuel logistics

We live and breathe sustainability and low carbon energy systems. With hundreds of feasibility studies including a number of HNDU studies under our belts, a 100% success rate with RHI applications, and experience in a range of renewable technologies, our consultancy arm can offer you a great deal.

Our expertise ranges from the knowledge to match up the right wood fuel with the right boiler, to producing detailed feasibility studies from our modelling assessments.

We pride ourselves on telling our clients straight about the viability of technologies and the true condition of your boiler system. As a ‘solutions’ focussed group of energy professionals we can produce creative and workable solutions to carbon targets. Since we sell no ‘equipment’ we can also tell you straight if low-carbon options won’t work for you.


Call us to chat over your ideas, options and any existing problems with your energy system.

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