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Developing a Wood Fuel Supply

An efficient, secure wood fuel supply is essential for the establishment of a successful wood heating system. South East Wood Fuels can help at all stages of the wood supply chain development to deliver a reliable, cost effective fuel supply. Even though wood fuel is already available across the South East new projects may require the development of additional production capacity.

Choosing between wood chip and wood pellet is very site specific and needs careful life-cycle analysis as well as good design to get right. Our staff have set up both pellet and chip supply chains so we know what is involved and how much this costs, making us well placed to advise you in setting up an effective wood fuel heating supply system.

Pellet supplies from a growing range of UK manufacturers and distributers give confidence that for certain types of projects this is a sustainable and cost-effective choice.

We can assist projects of all sizes from supply from the owner’s woodland for a single boiler; to developing a local supply chain for a larger boiler and developers of larger heating plants.

We also offer strategic studies for local and regional authorities. Please contact us for further details. For a sample of our work look at our report for the Isle of Wight Council

Resource Assessment

Whatever your potential source of woodfuel- South East Wood Fuels can help you find out how much you have, where it is, it’s quality and the contribution it can make to your heating requirements. Sources may include woodland, waste wood, arboricultural arisings and short rotation coppice (energy crops). We will help you identify a secure supply from a mix of sources to meet your quality and price specifications.

Woodland Management

Wood fuel is a new product for many woodland owners. Whatever the size of your woodland, SEWF will help you integrate wood fuel production in your management plan. We can estimate the quantity of wood fuel that will be produced, schedule felling and thinning in consultation with the owners, and calculate a budget cost for wood fuel delivered to the boiler.

Supply chain design and construction

SEWF can design supply chains for projects of all sizes using a well-developed and structured approach. Based on end-user requirements we will examine the current availability of wood fuel, investigate additional sources as required, and design and cost supply chain options. The scope includes production facilities, transport, quality assurance and fuel security issues. We will work with the client to achieve a practical, robust supply chain design with additional research into potential grant aid to supplier this.

SEWF can also support establishment of a supply chain by providing training, procuring equipment, building timber and chip stocks to an agreed timetable, and putting in place the administrative requirements for supply chain management.

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