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The government’s RHI (Renewable Heat Incentive) scheme is a major opportunity for clients wishing to install modern wood heating (biomass) systems. Payments for generating heat from wood can be ┬útens of thousands of pounds per year for 20 years, providing paybacks as short as 2-3 years and considerable fuel savings.

Help with your RHI Application

Understanding how to get the best from the RHI for some systems can be complex and navigating the application process can be time consuming, especailly if you have never done it before.

Our experienced team can help you prior to implementing a project to make sure you to you get the best from the RHI and to ensure your installation is eligible. Getting it wrong can be costly later. The right advice at the right time saves time and money.

Once the project is installed we can help with your application to OFGEM to register for payments. This is a cumbersome process and knowing how to navigate the system saves time and brings forward the payment timescales. We offer varying levels of support from doing the whole application for you to advising on doing it yourself. Delays in getting payments can affect cash flow and payback periods.

Graham Harris, Cripps Farm Caravan Park

“We decided to use a biomass boiler for our energy source and as the government were offering such good incentives by way of a feed in tariff we decided to go ahead … only one problem was that they do not make the paperwork easy. So we contacted SEWF who guided us through each step of the way by understanding what we had to do in terms of the often complicated documentation to achieve a successful RHI application. This was not a straight forward application as our site is evolving and we have been transitioning to a bigger district heating site. We appreciated the excellent technical understanding, the personal touch and support throughout and regard the SEWF service as great value for money.”

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