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As Experts in wood fuel heating, South East Wood Fuels uses the latest technology to advise their customers
South East Wood Fuels can take your wood heating process from concept to completion
With practical expertise and innovative thinking, South East Wood Fuels can provide wood heating advice


We also know a great deal about what makes wood heating work effectively for our customers.

“Superb technical and practical advice from SEWF. They clearly demonstrated the potential of our district heating project and gave us the confidence to invest in a £120K wood heating scheme that should turn a good profit in less than 5 years”

Sheridan Bowie, Honnington Farm, Kent

It’s a great time to invest in wood heating and fuel supply. It provides a secure way of cutting fuel costs and bringing a 20-year RHI income stream. We have helped many customers achieve successful, long term wood heating outcomes. Wood heating is modern and fully automated. We know what works and what does not and help customers avoid often simple but fundamental mistakes that can lead to unwieldy and low efficiency wood heating projects.

South East Wood Fuels’ Advisory Team Provide

  • direct experience of several hundred active biomass projects
  • objective, independent advice and support – we have no commercial tie-ups with boiler installers
  • experience of guiding clients successfully through the RHI certification process
  • heat meter reports and expertise through partners

SEWF’s team has extensive practical experience of wood fuel production and supply from managing supplies to users across the South East. We have been actively involved in hundreds of projects across the UK – ranging from domestic systems to 3MW steam boilers for hospitals.

We have proven experience in implementing wood fuel projects from the initial feasibility assessment to commissioning and routine operation of the wood heating system.

Based on this in-depth experience SEWF offer consultancy and advice services to support wood fuel projects of all scales, tailoring the services offered to the needs of each project. We are happy to discuss your project and design an appropriate support package.

Not Just Wood Fuel and Delivery

  • Wood heating feasibility assessments
    Rapid initial or more detailed assessments  to determine the suitability, viability and  cost benefit of wood heating for specific client needs. Interested in a wood heating feasibility assessment?
  • Wood Fuel Supply Chain Advice
    If you are looking to self-supply or to supply otherswith wood fuel, or even to look at a strategic supply for a large customer or region, we can help. Find out how we can provide wood fuel supply solutions for you.
  • RHI Application Support
    The Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) is relatively new and htis has meant that the application process can be cumbersome and longwinded for clients who have other priorities.  We can provide our clients with various levels of support to ensure the application is as quick and painless as possible. Discover how SEWF are experts in applying for the Renewable Heat Incentive.
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