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South East Wood Fuels produces quality wood fuels, including a range of wood chip options as well as wood pellets. Through hard won experience over the past 15 years we have learned to match up the right fuel with the right boiler.

Achieving the right fuel for the right boiler means understanding how biomass boilers work – which we do – from small domestic through to large multi-megawatt industrial systems. Each boiler system has an ideal fuel to ensure high efficiency combustion, saving you money on fuel costs and improving RHI income for the fuel you buy.

Achieving the right fuel for the right boiler means truly understanding the suitable wood fuel for each boiler in terms of the particle size, moisture, quality and grade.


There are a range of standards for wood chip and wood pellets. These include wood chip standards such as ISO 17225, P45 P16B, or Onorm G50 G30; and European wide wood pellet standards such as ENplus A1. We know these standards intimately and what they mean for you and your boiler system.

The UK also has quality assurance systems required to access the Renewable Heat incentive (RHI) tariff payment systems. These include the critical Biomass Suppliers List (BSL) and Woodsure +Plus. These ensure the sustainability and low carbon impacts of fuels. Our staff know all these fuel standards and quality assurance systems and ensure 100% compliance for our clients. 

When you use our fuel you should know that we will utilise our network of Wood Fuel Hubs to ensure that your fuel travels the shortest practicable distance. 

As well as wood fuel supplies, we offer much more.

  • Supporting clients through the honest assessment of new biomass boiler projects
  • Fixing problem boiler systems
  • Offering boiler servicing
  • Providing great technical support when needed.

We have built our reputation on caring for clients, being honest, offering a ‘fair deal’ on prices and quality, and sticking with clients when problems arise.

It takes time to learn how to provide the ‘right fuel for the right boiler’. Not all biomass boilers can handle wet fuel (i.e. greater than 40% moisture content) and some are not happy with drier fuel. We have the experience to advise you correctly.

Boilers need to have controls set for the fuel in use, and any significant change in the fuel type supplied requires adjustments to these controls. Multi-fuel boilers (chip and pellet) also need to be set up very carefully. We can advise on this.

Between our staff and Board Members we have more than 160 years of wood heating experience, which has been hard-won through practical projects, and the extensive assessment and use of fuels. Our consulting arm Vert Energy Associates offers more detailed analysis and technical support on a wide range of green energy technologies and systems. We offer this expertise to help you achieve efficient and low-cost boiler systems, and to take balanced decisions on future investments.

We know that good cooperation between fuel and boiler suppliers is critical for a happy client. We talk to boiler installers and operators all the time, so beware of those people who blame someone else for any problems with a boiler system.

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