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South East Wood Fuels Ltd

A leading supplier of high quality wood fuels

Welcome to South East Wood Fuels Ltd

South East Wood Fuels is a leading supplier of high quality wood chip fuel and wood pellet fuel and offer wood heating advice to commercial and institutional wood heating customers mainly but not exclusively in the South East and London. We offer a wide range of wood energy services including:

  • Secure, regionally sourced and quality assured wood fuel delivered direct to the customer
  • Independent advice and consulting services on wood heating and wood fuel supply chains

Formed in 2004, our experienced team collectively has over 160 years of practical biomass wood energy experience. We are passionate about wood fuel heating, wood pellet and wood chip supply. Since the introduction of the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) in 2011, the volume of wood heating boilers and the size of wood fuel market has grown dramatically. Despite reductions in RHI tariffs we see steady growth in this market. This will contribute to meeting climate change targets and reducing carbon in the atmosphere.

We successfully supply wood fuel and advice services to a range of companies and organisations including: private estates, Government organisations, local authorities, colleges, schools, district heating schemes, housing developers, architects and mechanical and electrical (M&E) engineers and consultants.

The Team

Wood Fuel Supply and Heating Advice- Julian Morgan-JonesJulian Morgan-Jones, Managing Director is responsible for setting the strategic direction of the business and for all sales and marketing activities. He has been with the company from its inception in 2004 but joined as MD in Sept 2007. Julian has built up significant practical expertise and is committed to providing high quality fuel supply, wood heating advice and great customer care. He has overseen the development of SEWF from a start-up to the leading provider of wood fuels and independent wood heating advice to clients in the south east. Julian has chaired the Wood Heat Association for the past three years and sits on the Biomass Suppliers List (BSL) Advisory Panel.

Julian sings in a choir and dances the tango.


Wood Pellet Fuel and Wood Chip Fuel Advice- Stewart BoyleStewart Boyle, Consulting, heads up our consulting and advisory service – now renamed Vert Energy Associates (see www.vertenergyassociates.co.uk). He has spent well over a decade working in biomass consultancy, technical sales of boiler systems and wood pellets, and wood chip and wood fuel market development. Previously he was a climate change and environmental journalist. He is responsible for conducting and managing our consulting projects often in association with other independent wood heating, biomass or specific technical specialists and has carried out many biomass feasibility studies, wood fuel assessments, district heating evaluation and been involved in the development of ESCOs for the biomass market.

Stewart is a small woodland owner and also part of the Management team for a Community Woodland in East Sussex. He sings in a community choir.


trevorTrevor Kensett, Wood Fuel Operations Manager

Trevor heads up the day to day operations of SEWF, including the provision of supplies of a range of wood chip supplies across the South East and beyond. He maintains quality control of our range of fuels, and organises transport operations with a range of partners. He works closely with a number of wood fuel hubs and has expanded the scope of a number of these recently. He deals with any issues that arise and working alongside Julian is our main trouble-shooter. Trevor is a farmer and enjoys field sports in his spare time.


nicolaNicola Williams, Customer Care Manager

Nicola is our Customer Care Manager and our office-based point of contact for sales, deliveries, and queries. She enjoys taking care of customer needs and has experience of delivering customer care training packages. She also has a background in coaching and community development and is a singer-songwriter and performer.


lynnLynn Santos, Office Manager and Bookkeeper

Lynn is the lynchpin in the SEWF office. She manages the accounts, invoices and budgets for the company. She also keeps the office running smoothly. Prior to SEWF, Lynn had extensive bookkeeping experience. She also spent many years working in Portugal. She enjoys eating out and music in her spare time.

The Directors


Jeremy Hinton (for George Meyrick) Julian Morgan-Jones (M.D.) Alastair Beddall, Mark Burrell (Chairman), John Leigh-Pemberton, William Hamer.

Board Chairman, Mark Burrell D.L., has a distinguished record in business and corporate finance having worked for the Pearsons Group, BskyB and Lazards. He has substantial farm and woodland holdings in the South East.

Alastair Beddall is the Managing Director of Practicality Brown, a leading vegetation clearance contractor in woodland and has over 28 years’ experience in commercially producing purpose made wood chip for both amenity and fuel markets. The company produces wood fuel from virgin clean timber thus guaranteeing emission requirements in controlled areas. Practicality Brown’s Tree Nursery is a supplier of Semi Mature trees and hedges. www.pracbrown.co.uk

William Hamer is a forestry consultant with clients across Hampshire and Berkshire, who has been actively involved in wood fuel for a number of years including the development of several Hampshire based wood fuel hubs and works with local woodland owners to develop wood fuel demand and supply capability.

John Leigh-Pemberton is a successful farmer and forester in North Kent. His Kent-based firm, Torry Hill Chestnut Fencing, manufactures traditional and contemporary chestnut fencing products using chestnut wood grown on the Torry Hill Farm estate. In 2010, the company was awarded two Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certifications. Torry Hill Chestnut Fencing is one of very few fencing companies in the UK to grow, process and supply FSC certified wood. The business has been manufacturing and supplying high grade wood chip for nine years. Chip wood, predominantly sweet chestnut, is all sourced locally from traditionally managed coppice woodlands. www.torryhill.co.uk

George W. Meyrick has been a leading climate change lawyer and holds a Master’s degree in Public International Law. He is the managing director of Energy and Environment Business Services (EEBS). The company’s focus has been to invest in a portfolio of small to medium scale renewable energy assets including Biomass, AD, Solar, Wind and Hydro Electric Power. www.eebs.com



  • What areas do you supply to? +

    SEWF supply wood pellet and wood chip to customers all across the south east of England including London. We currently have 9 supply hubs providing a wood chip delivery service to customers in Hampshire, Surrey, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, East and West Sussex and Kent. (See map below). We supply wood pellet to a much wider area so please call if you have a need outside this geographical area.

    With wood chip we aim to supply as locally as possible ideally within a 30 mile radius of our hubs to enhance the sustainability and cost effectiveness of supply. With this in mind we are always looking to develop new hubs to satisfy the growing demand for wood fuel heating. If we do not have a hub near your needs we will look at building one.

  • What vehicles do you supply in? +

    For wood chip deliveries, our most common delivery is via 8 wheeler tipper vehicles with an average load size of 30m3 or about 8 tonnes. We can also deliver in smaller size vehicles delivering 15-20m3 (4-5 tonnes) if needed and also in larger walking floor vehicles delivering 90-100m3 (20-22tonnes).

    For designers it is important to consider vehicles size when implementing new systems. Transport is a big part of the chip cost. The cost of delivery is not significantly different for each load size so the bigger the delivery the silo can take, the better the chip price will be.

    See the attached for generic dimensions for our delivery vehicles.

    For wood pellet deliveries we use modern specialist vehicles designed to deliver bulk pellets with minimal degradation, low noise and dust extraction. There are two types of vehicle carrying between 14 -18 tonnes.

    • The 8 wheeler dimensions are 9.9m(l) x 3.5m9(h) x 2.7m(w) x and can carry 18 tonnes or 25m3.
    • The 6 wheeler is shorter 9.1m(l) but higher at 4m (h), same width at 2.7m (h) 14.5 tonnes or 20m3.
  • Is there enough wood fuel? +

    Common concerns, often raised are whether the UK has sufficient woodland stocks to support a sustainable supply of wood fuel and also after years of being told to “plant a tree’ whether its beneficial to cut them down ? There is extensive capacity for wood fuel in the UK particularly in the south east which is the most wooded part of the England. The Forestry Commission estimates that in England for both broadleaf and conifer the annual increment is 7.1 million tonnes, of which 2.9 million are harvested and used already leaving 4.2 million tonnes in any one year currently unutilised. Add to this another 771,000 tonnes of co-product from sawmilling and this contributes to a significant available resource.

    Does this mean there is enough wood to replace all fossil fuels? No and nor would this be appropirate. Increasingly weare needing to seek more local, more relevant options for meeting our energy needs. Wood energy as part of an overall renewable energy response to climate change plays a vital part in this bringing energy production into the local economy.

    Sustainably managing the wood land resource going forwards will be critical to a thriving wood energy industry. The UK is already a world leader in sustainable management of it forests and evidence of sustainable sourcing for wood fuel is now being built into the governments' Renewable Heat Incentive payments scheme. You can find more on this topic at the Biomass Energy Centre and from OFGEM.

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